Biography of the Duchess of Drumborg

(extracted from The Colonial Who's Who, 1925 Edition)

Her Grace, Lucrezia, the Duchess of Drumborg was born in Melbourne, Australia quite a while ago.  (The date is sometimes given as 1880, and sometimes as 1882.) The Duchess herself says age is only a number and she isnít giving hers to anyone! The only daughter of a wealthy barrister, she met late Duke on the night she made her debut in the Town Hall in Hawthorn.

Slim and beautiful men craned their necks to take in her charms and vivacious personality. Early one morning a duel had been held to decide who would escort her to the Mayoral Ball.  Now, quite a few years later she still turns heads when she enters a room.  Extremely fond of the outdoor life she has been on several safaris and is an excellent shooter. Her trophy room is full of stuffed animals and mounted heads nailed to antique varnished boards.

Known for her exquisite taste, she is often consulted by her friends when it comes to decorating, or who to invite to a soiree. Her gunsmith is amongst her closest acquaintances. The collection of armoury in her gunroom is quite intimidating.

Since the late Dukeís death life has not been easy for her. The Manor her home is precious to her, and has been the cause of a considerable amount of action. In keeping it her home she has had to fight perfidious foreign invaders and heartless debt collectors.

Together with her oldest friends, Lady Jenny of Wando and the Baroness of Beechworth and her faithful butler Roget, she has fought nail and tooth to keep the Manor as her home. Delightful, but determined, anyone who crosses her path in stopping this has to be eliminated as fast as is humanly possible.  The Duchess of Drumborg will definitely not put up with fools or anyone who is bereft of culture or finesse.  Being one of the aristocracy, the Duchess  has an obligation to keep her standards high and set an example to those who are less well bred.

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