About Lark.


Lark Westerly lives in a world where natural justice prevails.

Love conquers all (sometimes). Villains reform (or get swallowed by convenient dragons, or kicked off cliffs).


Water is clean and fit to drink, (when it isn't full of enchantments) and the trees are always green. (That's when they're not stark and covered with snow…)


In Lark's world you find castles and mountains, caverns and living jewels. You find dark obsessions and folk who can sing the wind. You will also find death and tears.


Among all this, where will you find Lark Westerly? You won't. Except in her stories.


WINDSINGER.  (a novel.)

Dangerous Lovers: Roses and Thorns (a story collection.)

Elysian Games  (a novella)

 Harriet and the Heman (Tarot story)

The Portal (Seven Sins and Virtues story)

Blood, Wine and Roses (a novella)

Every Night and All (a novella)