Atalanta (fastest woman east or west of the Rockies) is the upstairs neighbour of the long-suffering Mel. Atalanta wants a casual relationship and someone to water her orchid when sheís training. Mel wants Atalanta, preferably naked and horizontal. Melís efforts in this direction involve some very virtual reality. Through Melís machinations, Atalanta finds herself in a training camp in ancient Greece, where she is must marry the athlete who can beat her in a race. The lusty lads are all super-speedy, so Atalanta sets about her own Elysian Games. Sheís sure she can prevail if only she can discover each manís sexual Achilles heel. While Atalanta engages with Greeks, Mel is beavering in the background to make his dreams of unlimited pussy-worship come true.


Elysian Games is available from Extasy Books

Please note: Elysian Games is for adults only.