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Harriet Barnstormer pilots the 'Cornish Pisky', the only original strat-ship left on the deep-space run. Like any other member of the Skyjockey guild, Harriet is bound over to keep herself in top physical and sexual condition. To this end, she has relied on her antique purse-pecker, but this has now been taken off the market. Three quasi-human Hiram Heman Seductors have failed miserably to satisfy her needs, and Harriet takes out her frustration by writing rude letters to the Heman company rep, who promises her an upgraded model.


When a man dressed in spacers' greens appears outside the "Pisky" just before launch, Harriet has no choice but to let him die in the blastoff or allow him on board... But, IS Xander Heman a man? Or is he the promised upgrade from Heman Inc.?  If so, is he likely to call her a rose of mauveness and stick his head in her boot or suggest she's a fackable starfish?


Please note: Harriet and the Heman is for adults only