WINDSINGER, By Lark Westerly.

He is Kestrel Windhover… A man of the Windsinger caste of the planet Gale, Kestrel is enjoying his Wild Moon out on the cliffs when he is attacked by monstrous daemons. Resolving to take out as many as he can before he succumbs, Kestrel screams defiance. And someone hears, and comes to his aid.

She is Artemis of the Mercies… An Amazon Mercy is sworn to protect womankind throughout a hundred worlds. She is sworn to stand against the base proclivities of men. Sworn to remain a virgin. When these two get together…there is going to be a whole lot of trouble for both of them.

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 Cover by Martine Jardin. 

Please note: Windsinger is suitable for adults only